Friday, March 15, 2013

Mr. Belding Gets Saved By the Bell

On the celebrity panel at the Viper Room, Trisha Rey was paired up with Dennis Haskins, who is better known as everyone's favorite principal, Mr. Belding on Saved By the Bell.

These pictures are funny because Mr. Belding looks so uncomfortable.  Its because Trisha thought he asked her to flash her boobs, so she did, but when she did so he jumped out of the picture.  The music was loud and Trisha was drunk so it happened twice.  The look on Mr. Belding's face in these shots captures how he is wary of getting pranked with a topless pic of Trisha.

Maybe if Trisha keeps being bad she can get some after school detention~

^Dennis Haskins, Trisha Rey, and BANKRUPT SLUT's favorite 420 Comic, Jeffrey Peterson.

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