Monday, August 20, 2012

The Black Marquee Smashes at SSMF 2012

The real rock at SSMF was in the clubs!
SSMF threw down this weekend.  And while a lot of people say that Marilyn Manson disappointed with an out-of-sync performance on the main stage, the real rock n' roll action was packed into the clubs.

Perhaps the hottest ticket for rock n' roll during SSMF was at the The Viper Room Thursday night with a stellar local line up that included Gunpowder Secrets, Future Villains, Lady Sinatra and, of course, the Black Marquee.

The Black Marqee smashed the stage with blistering hits like Miss America, Retired in Escondido and Brokedown Cassanova.  The band really brought the energy live, and got so crazy that a string was broken on stage.  Did that slow down the rock?  Hell no!  The crowd was chomping on the bit to rock out, and The Black Marquee gave the people what they wanted!

Rock on~ You can check out more on the Black Marquee Facebook Page.

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