Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Swingin' for the Fences

BANKRUPT SLUT just completed a solid 2nd round with Producer Marlon Luna at Swing House Studios.

The band knocked out 7 songs for their upcoming Greatest Hits/Greatest Tits album.

The highlights included recording Trisha Rey's Titty Boom Drum Solo, Smog's smashing vocs and bass, Switchblade continuing to be 'Chaddin it' (killing the recording in one take, with confidence), and Johnny Law playing his flying V out of a split dual Orange/Vox and Marshall/Marshall stacks at the same time (for incredible tone!).

The songs the band recorded are:

Headbangers & Hellraisers
I am Your God, You are My Queen
Everybody Always Wants 2B Me
Never Met a Better Woman
Shut Up!
Fuck the Haters
Titty Boob Drum Solo

^signs of a good time
^Smog and Swithblade hitting background vocs

^Trisha Rey, belting away!

Light shining on Trisha Rey like the angel that she is~

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