Monday, June 25, 2012

FREE VIP Concert - Its a Good Hurt!

Girls, this one's for the ladies! BANKRUPT SLUT will be performing a live concert VIP Show in honor of all the beautiful and sexually empowered ladies.  Girls, feel free to strap on a dildo, and, as always bring an extra pair of panties!~

The action goes down at 10 PM at the Good Hurt on Friday night July 6th.   Tickets cost $10 at the door or FREE if you get on VIP List.  To get on the exclusive VIP List, send name and email to

1 comment:

  1. F@#%%$cking cool. Come on people you have to give a shout out for the guy the makes this site happen. Supporting the arts includes music. What is wrong with you? This guy has put so much effort into making this site cool as it is. I am going to the show to support the art. Now re post this.