Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Felony Melony: The Definition of Rock n' Roll

And 'The Chubby Maker!'

Felony Melony is the lead singer for the Objex and the definition of Rock n' Roll. Onstage, and off, this girl brings the high energy punk action to the party!

One of the sexiest, most powerful lead singers to punk the the mic--the front row at the Objex show was filled with young dudes hoping to get a glimpse of one of Melony's perfect titties popping out!

We don't use the term 'perfect titties' lightly--but everyone in Bankrupt Slut got to motorboat the tits, these seem to be one of the greatest pairs ever. Felony Melony's tits look amazing, feel spectacular, and smell like candy.

Felony Melony was so smokin' hot that Utaw nicknamed her 'The Chubby Maker'.

Yup, this girl is so fine that it should be a Felony. And the way she rocks her life on the stage, and off, Felony Melony is the Definition of Rock n' Roll~

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