Monday, February 6, 2012

Always Writin'!

-I Love Sluts
-Fuck the Haters
-Headbangers and Hellraisers
-Fucking Like a Pornstar
-Shut Up!
-Too Stoned 2B a Stunner
-Can't Trust No One
-The Hottest Ride
-Baby Put On That Party Dress
-Misery Loves Company (That's Why We're In Love)
-Your God, Your King
-Dancin with the Devil
-Birthday Song
-Never Met a Better Woman
-I Don't Like People
-Get High Every Day
-Nowhere to Go
-I Can Do Something Right
-The Things That I've Seen
-One for the Money
-Not a Fighter, Not a Lover, Just a Motherfucker
-The Best Xmas Song Ever!
-Biggest Name in the Game
-Suck It
-Teach Each Child
-The Cool Kids in High School

Bankrupt Slut is always spitting out fresh new material. And BS currently has over 30 songs to choose from as they are getting set to head back into the studio and record the follow up to Bankrupt's first hit album--Too Slutty For Love.

The new material kicks ass. It is heavier than ever, more melodic than ever--and if you thought the first album was catchy, wait for these tunes to get stuck in your head!

Bankrupt Slut is also getting into uncharted territory with power ballads, a smokin' marijuana song, and songs with just Trisha Rey singing!

The only way to check some of the new material is to catch a Bankrupt Slut concert. See you there!

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